The Future

You may already be aware that this year’s event is almost certainly going to be the last one held at the Runswick Bay caravan and camping park, this is due to substantial development with the building of lodges on two thirds of the site.


This means that next year we will be looking to host the event somewhat differently. Our current proposal is to hire a field nearby and host the event there – this however involves a doubling in the cost (to ourselves) in running the event, however we do envisage that to you our supporters the change will be in paying camping fees etc to the event so there should be little overall change.


We have increased the registration fee this year to £20 (there has been no increase for a number of years), this is in part due to increasing costs but mainly to try to increase the balance we hold in order to run the following years event. We would like to emphasize that NYTW is an entirely independent event, and thus is not underwritten by any of the Triumph clubs – so if we don’t have the funds we simply cannot run the next event. In event of this occurring all held funds are to be transferred to the Runswick Bay Life Boat as per the agreement (although expired) the current committee made when we took the task on.


We feel you, the supporters should have as much say in the future of the event as ourselves and as such have called a “Town Hall Meeting” at 13:00hrs on the Sunday of the event (21st May) in the marquee. We hope as many people can attend as possible with ideas to move forward to future events – ours may not be the only or best solution.


Should you have any suggestions or questions please don’t hesitate to contact us


In the meantime if we could ask that you register as soon as possible to give us confidence to continue with the event, as next year we will have to set a make/break date at which point if we haven’t received sufficient interest we will be forced to abandon the event (which is most certainly not a decision we wish to be faced with)


Please, Please don’t wait  – Register ASAP


Many thanks and here’s to another fabulous weekend


NYTW Committee


Andy Maughan (Chairman) 07762 543920

Andy Mathers (Treasurer) 07783 625544