Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m bringing my modern car/I’m bringing my motorbike/I’m staying off site, do I still need to pay?

A: Yes, you still need to register and pay for the weekend. The reason for this is so you are entitled to take part in the convoy run (even in your modern car) or attend any other activity at the campsite, including the barbeque and evening entertainment. 2) Your registration fee pays for the event – why should you enjoy it at the expense of others ?

Q: I’m only coming on Sunday, do I still need to pay?

A: Yes, you still need to pay (reduced for Sunday day visitors). See the FAQ above for reasons why you need to register!

Q: I’m not taking part in the run/barbeque/watching the band/Sunday concours, do I still need to pay?

A: I’m wondering why you’re actually coming to the event, but yes, if you’re at the weekend, you need to pay.

Q:I’m bringing some friends who aren’t Triumph Enthusiasts, do they need to pay?

A: Yes.

Q: Does the registration fee include the cost of camping?

A: No.

Q: I’m bringing my children, how much will it cost for them?

A: We don’t charge for children under 16 to attend the event, but you will still have to pay for their camping.

Q: What do I need to bring for the barbeque?

A: You need to bring something to cook.  BBQ tools are useful, but you should be able to borrow some from the person cooking next to you (we’re all friendly).  We recommend you bring garden or camping chairs, and crockery/cutlery, although we will try and have some paper plates and plastic cutlery available if you forget yours, or don’t have room in the car.

Q: May I bring my own beer/alcoholic beverages into the Marquee?

A: No. Whilst we have a relaxed approach, we are still governed by licensing laws under a Temporary Events notice issued by Scarbrough Borough Council. Apart from being in breach of the terms of this, we also depend in part on proceeds from the bar to host the weekend

Q: Can I book a caravan/tent pitch in advance?

A: A very limited number of pitches with electric hook-up are available to book in advance.  If you need a hook-up, you probably need to book your pitch early. The campsite phone number is 01947 840997

Q: Why do I need to wear the wristband?

A: Unbelievably, after 32 years, we still have a problem with people who come for the weekend but don’t pay. Asking you to wear a wristband to show that you’ve paid helps us to track those who haven’t.

Q: How can I contact the organisers?

A: You can contact Andy the Admin by emailing on, or via the Facebook page.  You can phone Andy 1 on 07762 543920 or Andy 3 on 07783 625544